Инструкция kenwood tk-308

инструкция kenwood tk-308
When the [S] key is pressed in the Item Selection mode,… Page 8: Firmware Version Information Mode TK-3312/3317 REALIGNMENT ■ Item setting mode fl ow chart 6. Firmware Version Information Mode Display Turn the transceiver ON with the [Side1] and [Side2] keys Current 440. 00000 held down. The column labeled PRA lists the Sigtronics Portable Radio Adapter, by Model Number, that can be ordered for use with that radio. Schematics of radios :: Schematic of programmer :: Radio Programming soft :: User Manual :: Service Manual Schematics of radiosProgramming soft Hamradio projects. Les articles non mentionnes dans le Parts No. ne sont pas fournis.

Page 14 TK-7360/7360H/7360H CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION 2-4. Wide/Narrow Switching Circuit The electric fi eld strength of the receive signal can be known before the SQIN voltage is input to the MCU, and The Wide port (pin 99) and Narrow port (pin 98) of the the scan stop speed is improved. Принципы программирования радиостанций Повышение эффективности портативных УКВ радиостанций простыми способами. Last revised: Friday, January 13, 2017 Use the popup box below to jump directly to the radio manufacturer. Page 3 Plan cable runs for protection against pinching or crush- Your KENWOOD dealer can help you select an antenna sys- ing wiring, and radio installation to prevent overheating. tem that will best serve your particular needs. The antenna system selection depends on many factors and is beyond the scope of this manual.

When required, re-adjust them unit to a suitable power supply. Unless otherwise specified: Coiled cable, 6 feet when stretched. Neither is any liability assumed for dam- ages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Page 46: Terminal Function TK-7180 Display unit (X54-3480-10) Pin No. Name Description CN901 (to internal speaker) Ground.

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