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Algemene stuureenheid Sequentiële brandstofinjectie Klopregeling De klopregeling van de M2.5 is uitgerust met cilinderherkenning. Judging from what returns from Google searches for «», I’d guess the first thing to try is join and login to Facebook, then search for «». I haven’t tried that, since I don’t do Facebook. Motronic is de handelsnaam van een serie digitale motormanagement systemen van Bosch. And I’d want to know everything else that was on the screen, if they would either show you, take a picture, write it down, or simply tell you. Note: With this approach, each pin can be switched one at a time so there is no crosstalk confusion from simultaneous OBDII port pin connections. PutString is a simple, easy-to-understand way to send a string, without introducing the side effects that accompany Realterm’s «Send File» mechanism.

Чистка, ремонт, настройка (rus.) Фотоотчет Востановления датчика положения дроссельной заслонки (ДПДЗ) на Monomotronic двиг. RP (дополнение по теме) (rus.) Фотоотчет Моновпрыск, РПДЗ (регулятор положения дроссельной заслонки) и РХХ (регулятор холостого хода) (rus.) Фотоотчет. But I might reference this older .zip of (primarily 1995) .pdf Service Manuals, since it has a different way of explaining how to step-wise go through the diagnostics. I find those explanations to be very easy to understand. There are Parts Books for: 850 Series (1991-1997), and S70/V70/C70 Series (1996-2000). Actually there are 2 such Parts Books for the non-USA cars and 2 such Parts Books for the USA cars. Датчик температуры впускного воздуха (ДТВВ). Ремонт обрыва прводки и проверка форсунки (rus.) Фотоотчет.
You’ll probably need to click down thru several pages (of the Vol-FCR Demo link) to find the software that matches your particular kind of cable. In my case I eventually clicked a Vol-FCR for FTDI Demo link and (in 2012-06) downloaded Vol-FCR v1.7.3 for FTDI Demo. Main system characteristics Fuel delivery, ignition timing, and dwell angle incorporated into the same control unit. Crank position and engine speed is determined by a pair of sensors reading from the flywheel. Sequential fuel injection and knock control. 2.8[edit] Successor of the Motronic 2.5. Was used from 1992 at Opel C20XE engine. Encouragement / Hint Good luck in finding the new home of’s Fehlercode-Tabelle. That earlier version operated just fine for me.

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