Инструкция камеры vivotek pt 7135

инструкция камеры vivotek pt 7135
Please notice the Surveillance Station support one free channel license. If you want to install 4 cameras on your Turbo NAS, please purchase the additional 3 channels license for installation. Offline License Activation Step1. If the Turbo NAS is behind a firewall or doesn’t have the Internet connection, please select “Offline Activation”. Step2. Please copy the system UDI and go to License Store for offline license activation. Step7. Log in to your PayPal account to pay The PayPal account is required to purchase the camera license. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please click the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” to register one for free.

However, most cameras will have an MJPEG live view which can be used to view video, and will often be displayed by default. Online License Activation Step1. If your Turbo NAS is connected to the Internet, please select “Online Activation”. Step2. Enter the Product Authorization Key (PAK) code to activate the license. Step7. Please go back to offline activation page on your Turbo NAS. You need import the permission file to activate the license. Step5. User will receive an email attached with the permission file after offline activation is verified.

Internal Android camera (front and back) is also supported to use the app as an IP camera or dashcam. Step3. Please login the License Store with your registered account. Perhaps best of all is how cheap they are on eBay. The process is the same for each browser, though slightly different than for previous browser versions. To resolve this issue the browser’s compatibility mode needs to be enabled to allow the plug-in and therefore view the camera live view pages correctly. Then, add your camera’s IP address (or domain) to the list of websites to be opened in Compatibility View. Please ensure to reboot the client device(Desktop/Notebook) to receive the new LAN IP address.

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