Mmanagal инструкция

mmanagal инструкция
Centered in X=0, Y=0, Z=0 : Centre the window at the reference point (X, Y, Z = 0). Centered on the antenna: Move the centre of the antenna to the centre of the window. Приходилось настраивать антенну вручную (найти в десятках цифр нужные, изменить их, просчитать, снова вручную изменить и так много раз). К 2001 г. у меня были ELNEC, EZNEC3, NEC4WIN и желание найти удобную программу. Left click and hold to drag the vector to a new location.

Here’s the horizontal file. I have a rough idea of what the optimizer’s doing, and I can understand how it could get «stuck» on a false minimum or maximum if there’s more than one. Round works on all the parameters including wire coordinates, radius, and lumped-constant load. For transposing the Y and Z values, I made a new area in the spreadsheet below the data I started with and copied and pasted the fields I didn’t want to change. The spacing of the antennas in the horizontal and vertical planes can be changed if necessary.

You define two variables, Y1 and Y2, which specify the trap positions. When the box is not checked, MMANA-GAL uses ‘metre’ as the unit for dimension and ‘millimeter’ as the unit for the radius. The main differences being: the matching section does not need to be a located at the load the matching section can be < 1/4 wave length long there is a free choice of the characteristic impedance of the matching section. Then search and replace all the commas with nothing. If Excel finds a comma in a field it gives a "#VALUE!" error which took a while to figure out.

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